CrossWorks Help

The CrossWorks Cross Reference Tool can assist you in finding the closest Allen-Bradley brand replacement device for many competitive products.

You can enter up to 10 different competitive catalog numbers at one time. Each catalog number must be on a new line, or separated by a tab character. You can also cut or copy a short list from many applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and paste it into the catalog number field.

CrossWorks will search a database of thousands of competitive catalog numbers to find an exact match for each catalog number you enter. Any available information on each exact match will be displayed, including an Allen-Bradley replacement catalog number, if available.

Results Page
The Results Page will display all of the information available for each of the competitive catalog numbers entered. Information can be found in each of these columns as explained below.

  • Allen-Bradley Catalog Number
  • Available For Sale
  • Notes
  • Configure
  • Select

Allen-Bradley Catalog Number
This column will display the information available in the CrossWorks database. It may contain a valid catalog number or other helpful information.

Available For Sale
A 'Yes' will be displayed if the Allen-Bradley Catalog Number in that row is available for sale through the web store.

Special instructions or additional information is available for many competitive cross-references. When this information is available a View link in the Notes column will be displayed.

When displayed, the Configure link will allow you to configure a complete or partial Allen-Bradley Catalog Number. You can use this link to find out more information about a specific Allen-Bradley catalog number, or to modify your requirements to select the best Allen-Bradley catalog number for your application.

Any Allen-Bradley Catalog Numbers with a link displayed like this Configure 5  are incomplete and MUST be configured.

Click on the box to select the Allen-Bradley Catalog Number in that row. You can place these catalog numbers in your shopping cart, or in MyCatalog. Each Allen-Bradley Catalog Number that is Available for Sale through the Web Store can be selected.